Usage Agreement – Best.alafdel site

Usage Agreement – Best.alafdel site

Our esteemed followers and visitors at Best.alafdel site, we are always honored and pleased with your visit to us, and we hope that we are at the level that meets some of your needs, and that you benefit from our site in a way that reflects positively on your physical, psychological and aesthetic health. What we offer here on this site of free services is available to everyone for use, transfer and republishing, taking into account the following conditions, which we do not forgive those who violate them and do not adhere to them, namely:

  • Not to use what we offer in anything that contradicts Islamic law.
  • Not to use the content in anything that violates the general guidelines and rules in force in the countries.
  • Not to delete our rights and our site.
  • With regard to the transfer, we allow the transfer of posts only with the need to commit to mentioning the original source of the post on our site.
  • We refuse to let anyone profit from our free services, and publish them for money.

Publication policy

  • The materials that are published on the site express the opinion of its author and the source from which the news was transmitted, and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the site.
  • The site management apologizes in advance for publishing any material that expresses any intolerance or blind bias towards a group, religion or sect, or offends them, or leads to provoking sectarian and regional disputes and strife, or offends religions, heavenly books and the divine entity, or includes words, images and phrases that are contrary to for morals and public morals, or include any form of defamation, threat or verbal violence.
  • The site management apologizes for publishing any written or photographed materials that violate the law or public morals.
  • The management of the site is not obligated to publish everything that comes to it, and the timing and place of publication is subject to technical and technical considerations of its own.
  • The site administration does not pay any monetary amounts as compensation for the materials sent to it, whether it has been published or not.
  • The site administration considers that the person who requests to publish material on the site has read and understood the publishing policy and these conditions.

Comment posting policy

Comments are available to visitors and users of the site through the site comments service. In the following, we learn about the conditions for posting comments on the site, which are the following:

  • The comment must be on the published article only.
  • Any comment that includes personal abuse, speech outside public morals, or words that offend God and the heavenly religions will be canceled and deleted.
  • Any comment containing any form of threat, defamation or verbal violence will be deleted and canceled.
  • Any user who abuses the comments service will be banned.
  • The site management has the right to delete or modify any comment that does not comply with the site’s posting policy.
  • Posted comments do not necessarily reflect the policy and opinion of the site management.

We hope that everyone will adhere to these matters, and we ask God for success and payment for us and you.

Information about the Best.alafdel site

Best.alafdel website is a website that was launched on 1/1/2023, and initially, articles on nutritional health and how to obtain good health and prevent diseases were published, after which the site expanded to also publish in the field of mental health, and ways to get rid of obesity and excess weight, And due to our desire to communicate all information in all fields to the reader, we have opened many modern sections, such as electrical appliances, the automotive world, the corporate world, alternative medicine, health and beauty, and ways to make money.

Our goals

We aim for this site to be one of the best global sites on the Internet (world wide web), and it is important for us that the reader finds everything that interests him and concerns him in various fields.

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